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Members $20,000 Cash Jackpot

The start-up amount for the prize is $500 and if won will reset back to $500. The prize will jackpot by two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) each Friday if not won. Once the draw reaches $1500 on a Wednesday the prize must be won. There will be 2 normal draws at 6pm & 7pm and then 3 bonus draws at 7.05pm, 7.10pm, 7.15pm, if the prize is still not claimed it will be split into 3 x $500 prizes and drawn from members present as per the entry conditions. Total prize money $20,000 The maximum cash payable is $2000. Members must be on the licensed premises at the time of the draw and have four minutes to claim their prize. Prize winner must present their signed current year membership card at the time of the draw to be eligible to win. Authorised under NSW permit no. LTPS/17/17131

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