2021 Results

Event Result
Major Singles J. Munday 31 d B. Hession 18
Major Pairs B. Lincoln, M. Ingersoll 20 d A. Paul, S. Wooster 16
Major Triples J. Sommerville, J. Munday, B. Hession 19 d  D. Martin, P. Arane, M. Ingersoll 16
Major Fours I. Morgan, M. Asensio, G. Moles, B. Curtis 19 d E. Chauncy, R. Mccann, C. Hummelstad, G. Cokke 12
Minor Singles B. Pearson 31 d D. White 7
Novice Singles C. Dagher 31 d B. Pearson 24
Handicap Singles D. Lewis 25 d D. Amos 19
Senior Singles R. Campbell 25 d J. Munday 20
Minor Pairs C. Dagher, M. Wahbe d D. White, M. Buxton [WOF]
Mixed Pairs J. Morgan, S. Wooster 24 d D. White, J. Sommerville 20
Handicap Pairs B. Pearson, A. Paul 27 d P. Quayle, J. Munday 23
Knockout Pairs I. Morgan, G. Hann 21 d A. Ryce, M. Ingersoll 17

2020 Results

Event Result
Major Singles M. Ingersoll 31 d B. Hession 27
Major Pairs B. Lincoln, M. Ingersoll 26 d D. Lewis, D. Amos 17
Major Triples S. Martin, B. Connors, B. Curtis 23 d D. Martin, P. Arane, M. Ingersoll 21
Major Fours M. Buxton, D. Hodge, D. Lewis, D. Amos 25 d C. Sburlati, B. Curtis, P. Dick, M. Ingersoll 7
Minor Singles M. Clinton 31 d M. Bowman 14
Novice Singles W. Cole 31 d B. Mccaw 25
Handicap Singles M. Ingersoll 31 d R. Campbell 27
Senior Singles D. Hodge 21 d M. Asensio 16
Minor Pairs K. Wedderburn, S. Quilkey 29 d M. Lewis, B. Pearson 15
Mixed Pairs M. Wahbe, L. Wahbe 24 d S. Quilkey, D. Martin 19
Handicap Pairs S. Quilkey, G. Hann 29 d P. Arane, D. Amos 10
Knockout Pairs M. Wahbe, M. Ingersoll 25 d C. Sburlati, L. Wahbe 18


Beautiful Sydney Funerals

Our compassionate all-female team arrange personalised,
affordable funerals from our independently owned home in greater Sydney.

Independently owned and operated.

All preparation done onsite – we use only our own facilities.

Personalised funeral services – unique to your loved one.